Europe River Cruises

Check out the large selection of river cruises on the major rivers of Europe. These specially designed ships carry around 150 passengers, with a full crew and high standards of service.

River cruises offer a relaxing way to see the sights of Europe - and only unpacking once when you go on board. Enjoy excellent dining , lounges, and excursions to places of interest.

River cruise ship
River cruise ship near Venice

Cruise the Rhine River from Amsterdam to Basel in Switzerland. Follow the River Danube to Vienna and Budapest, perhaps to the Black Sea and Romania.

See Paris and the River Seine, the Rhone in south France, River Douro in Portugal, or Venice and its lagoon.

For a different cruise explore Russia from Moscow to St Petersburg, or from Kiev.

Enjoy City Cruise breaks in Paris, Venice, Amsterdam or Seville.

For more information see the Europe River Cruises website