Cruise Italy - boating holidays in Venice

The Romance of Venice - Cruiser Boat Routes Map

Base Information

Casale | Precenicco

Suggested Cruises from our cruiser bases in Italy near Venice

Short break or weekend cruises

Venice Lagoon Cruise from Casale to Murano

80km 2 locks

One week one-way cruise from Casale

Casale - Venice - Caorle - Precenicco

One Way • 1 Week • 150km • 6 Locks • 6 Bridges • 25hrs

One week round trip from Casale

Casale - Venice round trip

River Sile and Venice Lagoon
Cruise to Venice (as above) then return north to Jesolo, one of Italy's largest seaside resorts with 15km of fine beaches. Then return up the Sile river to visit Quarto D'Altino and Treviso before returning to Casale.

80km 2 locks 16hrs round trip cruising time

Grand Canal Venice Italy

One week from Precenicco

Precenicco - Caorle - Venezia - Casale (or vice versa)

One Way • 150km • 3 Locks • 25hrs

Precenicco - Jesolo - Marano - Precenicco

Return Trip • 170km • 2 Locks • 25hrs

Short break round trip from Precenicco

Precenicco - Grado - Precenicco

4 Days • 100km • 2 Locks • 16hrs

Please note that hours suggested above are approximate, and very dependent on which of the many possible routes are chosen. Because of the open nature of the Venice lagoon and the number of boats and ships using it we recommend these cruises to people with some boating experience.